Healthy and tasty Indian food

Big Bite Samosa Tiffin Sevice

Big Bite Samosa in Victoria Bc loves to announce premium tiffin services in Victoria and surrounding areas on the South Vancouver Island. When you are living away from family or your family is away from you don’t look any further for affordable and nutritious food in traditional Indian Cuisine.

We thrive to make your life easier by bringing lunch and dinner meals at your doorstep. The day you subscribe to one of our meal plans, we will put the meal cooler at your threshold that very day. Our meal plans are simple yet will provide you with a distinct taste of food from an indian home.

Our Meal Plans

We offer various flexible meal plans to suit everyone's needs.

Homemade Desi Food

Why customers choose us

We believe food should be nourishing and eaten with as much joy as it’s cooked. We are one of the best Indian tiffin service providers in Victoria BC.

  • No Dish Repeat in a Week
    Rest Assured we don’t repeat any of the dishes during the week.
  • North Indian style
    Our style of preparation is North Indian primarily (Punjabi Style)
  • Hand Packing
    We deliver the food in one-time use plastic containers.
  • Home Style Food
    Our food preparation is simple, homestyle cooking with fresh, healthy & nutritious ingredients. We use vegetable oil only.
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